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Cockroach Facts

Cockroaches are a pest and a danger to public health because they can:

  • Spread diseases and germs
  • Pollute food with droppings
  • Damage things such as cloth and books by chewing
  • Leave a mess and foul musky odor with their dead bodies, old skins and droppings

Cockroaches are widespread, and are one of the hardest household pests to control. Four types of cockroaches cause problems for people:

  • German
  • American
  • Oriental
  • Brown Banded


Effective Cockroach Control

By eliminating their food, water, and hiding places, you can prevent cockroach infestations from occurring.


  • Store grains and cereals in plastic containers with lids
  • Keep counters, sinks, tables and floors clean and free of clutter
  • Clean up spilled food and drink right away
  • Put all trash into a container with a lid


  • Fix any leaking pipes or faucets
  • Run the garbage disposal regularly
  • Remove any puddles in bathrooms or basements


  • Remove any clutter or unnecessary boxes
  • Screen vents or pipes that lead outside
  • Seal cracks and crevices along baseboards, behind sinks, inside cabinets and around windows. Seal around the water and waste pipes under sinks

Cockroaches are not only undesirable pests but a threat to human health. If cockroaches are present upon inspection, DCHD sanitation section will work with property owners to make sure a proper pest management plan is in place.

For more information, contact the DCHD Sanitation section at 402-444-7481

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