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The Health Equity Team convenes and champions efforts within the Douglas County Health Department to 1) ensure that no population in Douglas County bears a disproportionate and unfair burden of disease and mortality and 2) promote a work environment that values all people.

Specifically, the DCHD Health Equity Team:

  • Grounds our work in data on how leading causes of illness, injury, and death vary between geographies and groups of people within Douglas County.
  • Promotes workforce development throughout the Douglas County Health Department on issues such as cultural competency, language access, and community engagement.
  • Focuses on the root causes of health disparities including historical and contemporary forms of social, environmental and economic disadvantage and trauma.
  • Supports the development of local solutions to disproportionate disease burdens by using health as a unifying framework for dialogue, and health equity as an essential lens for decision-making.


The DCHD Health Equity Team envisions a Douglas County where the conditions in which residents are born, grow, live, work and age all provide the support and opportunity to be healthy. While individual health differences will always arise from genetic and behavioral differences, no population would bear a disproportionate burden of illness or death in Douglas County.

Additional Information and Resources: 

Primary Contact:  Scharol Bronson at (402) 444-6784

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Douglas County Video Tour