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Douglas County Video Tour

A Community Garden; a piece of land shared by friends and neighbors for growing produce and flowers and providing opportunities for positive social interactions, recreation and education. The landscape of community gardens in Omaha has grown significantly in the past 10 years. The local foods website was developed to allow individuals interested in gardening and eating healthy a place to start.

The local foods website includes:

Community Garden Information - includes a map of local gardens http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/community-garden-info

Farmers Markets - includes a map of local farmers markets http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/farmers-markets

Start a Community Garden - a toolkit with local information needed to get a gardening project off the ground. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/start-a-community-garden

Start a School Garden - Helpful for anyone in Douglas County who is interested in starting a gardening at a local school. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/start-a-school-garden

Activities for Kids - Ideas and activities for engaging children in the garden. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/activities-for-kids

Donate Produce - A list of shelters and pantries in the Omaha area. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/donate-produce

Lead information - How to check if there is lead in the soil. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/lead-info

Produce information cards - Includes how to store, serve and prepare produce grown in the local area. There are also recipes included. http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/produce-information-cards

Local Foods Website: http://www.douglascounty-ne.gov/gardens/

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Douglas County Video Tour