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General Qualification

  • Soil Remediation: The EPA established guideline for soil replacement (remediation) for residential properties having a lead concentration of 400 parts per million (ppm) in the soil. Properties whose soil tested at or above 400 PPM were eligible for soil replacement (remediation) work, which was done by the EPA and/or the City of Omaha (or their contractors). Only those properties whose soil was replaced (remediated) are eligible for this program.

Residents whose soil has been replaced qualify for the following at no charge:

  • Free Interior Lead Dust Sampling
  • Lead Health Education
  • Free HEPA Vacuum

Following the soil replacement (remediation), it is very important to have your residence screened for the potential presence of lead dust. In an effort to identify any properties that may have lead dust in the residence, the EPA is paying for all of the above. The Douglas County Health Department’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Staff are tasked with providing those services.

What will happen?

At a scheduled time, a team of Health Department staff will come to your home and will test four surfaces using special “wipes” which will be sent to a lab for analysis for lead concentration. It is that simple!

While in your home, the Health Department staff will also briefly provide you with information about how to clean your home to help protect you and your family from harmful lead dust. In addition, you will be given a free HEPA vacuum cleaner and you will be instructed on how to use the vacuum to minimize the risk from lead dust.

The testing, education and vacuum demonstration should take about 20 minutes.

The EPA wants to make sure that your home is safe from lead dust, so it is very important that you have your home tested by the Douglas County Health Department who will provide you with testing, instruction and a new HEPA vacuum – ALL AT NO COST TO YOU.

We ask that you contact the Douglas County Health Department Lead Poisoning Prevention Program to find out if your property is eligible for this program.

Please call us at 402-444-7825 to schedule your appointment.

The Hoover® Household Limited Warranty

Your Hoover household cleaner is warranted against original defects in material and workmanship for a full two years from date of purchase. During the Warranty Period, Hoover® will provide labor and parts, at no cost to you, to correct any such defect in products. Additional information on this warranty can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty on your vacuum, please call the Hoover Consumer Response Center, phone: 1-800-944-9200 and speak to a customer service representative, Mon-Fri 8am-7pm EST.

If you need to have your Hoover HushtoneTM 13+ serviced or repaired (under warranty), please take it to one of the following warranty service centers:


2449 S 120TH STREET
OMAHA NE 68144
(402) 492-9177


3334 N 108TH STREET
OMAHA NE 68164
(402) 492-9177


1129 S 119TH STREET
OMAHA NE 68144
(402) 392-0606

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Douglas County Video Tour