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are you ready to quit tobacco

You can quit tobacco. The Nebraska Tobacco Quitline can help. Free gum, patches, and lozenges are currently available for all qualified callers. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or click on the link below.







Smoking Complaints and Information


Smoking Complaints and Information Line (402) 546-0881 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4: 30 pm

Complaint Forms

If you observe Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act violations (smoking inside) you may submit a complaint form and our department will follow up with the establishment.


Multi-Unit Housing Tenant Resources

Multi-unit housing refers to housing establishments that multiple families live in a single structure but in separate units. The definition of multi-unit housing can include apartments, duplexes, and condominiums. NOTE: the legal arrangements between a landlord and tenant are different compared to a condominium owner and condominium governing board.

If you experience secondhand smoke exposure inside your housing establishment and management has not settled your concern, after contacting them, the Health Department can help you in your effort to avoid smoke exposure Tenant Resources

Douglas County Live Smoke-Free Apartment, Business, and Food & Drink Map is available to find housing and public establishments that are smoke-free and to also recognize businesses that have integrated a tobacco-free policy beyond the minimum requirements of the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act.


Multi-Unit Housing Manager/Owner Resources

Smoke-free housing is an increasing demand from tenants, and seeking a smoke-free policy in your housing establishment has many financial and legal benefits. NOTE: it is legal to ban smoking on the housing premises, including common areas, parking lots, and inside the housing unit. Multi-unit housing property owners may even be subject to lawsuits from tenants if property owners fail to prohibit smoking or accommodate a tenant that is sensitive to secondhand smoke.

Manager/Owner Resources


General Information

For more tobacco-free related information; including programs/events, resources for quitting, health effects/education, and information for healthcare providers, please visit:


The local Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition

The state Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Nebraska Tobacco Quit line: 1-800-QUIT-NOW

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