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Douglas County Video Tour

Board of Health Members 2018

Commissioner Chris Rodgers - Board President

John R. Wade - Board Vice President

Jeanee Weiss - Board Secretary

Stuart McNally, D.D.S.

Keyonna King, Ph.D.

David Filipi, M.D., MBA

Marlene Wilken, Ph.D.

Albert Varas

Ben Gray

Curt Simon


The Douglas County Board of Health meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month and is open to the public. The meeting is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the Douglas County Health Department, 1111 South 41st Street, Omaha, Nebraska, in Suite 205.

If you plan to attend the Board of Health meeting, it is appreciated that each visitor sign in on the clip board just outside the conference room. If you would like to have a large group attend the meeting, please call the Douglas County Health Department's Executive Secretary at 402-444-7471 with the name of your organization and the number attendees. This will ensure that all attendees have a copy of the meeting agenda.

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Douglas County Video Tour